This course aims to equip participants with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge needed to excel in oral presentations, navigate ethical considerations, and communicate effectively in professional and academic settings.

The main objective of this course is to facilitate an individual's immersion into student life and their transition to becoming a responsible adult. It aims to raise students' awareness of ethical principles, introduce them to the rules governing life at the university (their rights and obligations towards the university community), and in the world of work. It also aims to promote respect and appreciation for intellectual property and explain the risks of moral wrongdoings such as corruption and how to combat them.

 Familiarize and train students in current concepts of writing methodology in force in the Science and Technology profession.
 Among the skills to acquire: Knowing how to present yourself.
 Know how to write a CV and a cover letter.
 Know how to position yourself in writing or orally in relation to an opinion or an idea.
 Master syntax and spelling in writing.